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Welcome To DeltaCom

DeltaCom's Two-Way Radio = The Fastest and Saftest way to communicate to one or many.

Changing Communications to Serve You Better

As the years have passed, radio systems have improved with new features and options.  With the advent and popularity of Digital technologies, our Kenwood radios are clearer and provide more coverage than their analog counterpart.  GPS/AVL is a common feature inherent in most of the Kenwood NXDN product line and costs very little to implement. 

Why Choose a Two-Way Radio?

Two-way radios can make a big difference at your special event with better communication which increases safety, improving efficiency and boosts productivity.  Two-way radios are the most economical way to increase safety, improve efficiency and boost productivity with easy and fast communication Let us help you find the best two-way radios for your application.


Kenwood Two Way Radios

 Two Way Radios in Allen ParkKenwood (AKA JVC/Kenwood) 2 way radios are our most popular product at this time and DeltaCom has continued in its expertise by building one of the largest all-digital, wide area, long range twway radio systems with over 22 sites covering much of Michigan and Ohio.  This modern all Digital system, uses Kenwood’s Nexedge NXDN technology and covers from Pt Huron to Muskegon and Saginaw to South of Toledo with almost seamless mobile coverage. Started just afew years ago with just 3 sites, our Two-Way Digital Network (Digi-Net) continues to grow with more sites, capacity and coverage.  Some of our sites are located in or near well known cities, like, Detroit, Southfield, Novi, Pontiac, Pt Huron, Lansing, Toledo, Bad Axe, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Muskegon and many more.

Quality You Can Count On

Our Kenwood Digital radios using Nexedge NXDN technology has the ability to provide crisp, clean and clear audio even in a weak signal environment, giving it more coverage than an analog radioDigitial radios also have a number a features that make it the clear choice, like GPS, Messaging, individual calling direct connect PTT, status messaging, unique ID, privacy, security and many more.  You get privacy plus security because no one can monitor your conversation, stealing calls or plotting nefarious acts against the public.

Kenwood Dealer and Service Center.

DeltaCom is a Kenwood Dealer and Warranty Service Center.  DeltaCom services almost all major brands of communiation products and performs most repairs in our Novi MI Service Center.  In addition to radio systems, DeltaCom is experienced with GPS/AVL  and associated dispatch reporting systems.

Wide Area Radio Coverage.

DeltaCom also provides repeater service for your wide area radio communication needs.  DeltaCom's all digital, wide area Kenwood NXDN systems allow your radios almost instant contact to your coworkers with service available across Michigan.  We have grown from 3 sites just a few years ago to access to more than 19 sites, and growing, with the help of our fellow Kenwood Dealers.
In Building Specialists
DeltaCom is an in building specialist, providing enhanced coverage in difficult reach areas of buildings for Two-Way, Paging, Cellular and Public Safety.  Partnering with Industry leaders to provide cutting edge solutions for your most challenging coverage needs.
Rental and Leasing
Equipment leasing and rentals are available.  Please contact a DeltaCom representative with your equipment needs and associated dates for a quotation.  Ph. 248-207-8587
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We are a Kenwood Dealer and Warranty Service Center.


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