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DeltaCom is a Wireless Communications company that was established in the City of Detroit in 1957 as Mobile Electronic Specialties and specialized in Two-Way Radio Design, Installation and Maintenance for business, industry and Public Safety.   Mobile Electronic Specialties was founded by William A Zimmerman as a service and repair company. Several years later, a 2-Way radio Sales division was established as Electronic Communications Co.  We service two way radios in Allen Park Michigan.

The Birth of DeltaCom

After working for Mobile Electronics Specialties for more than 10 years, John Zimmerman formed DeltaCom,  acquired and merged the 3 organizations. Throughout its history, DeltaCom has performed many different tasks in the wireless industry.  In the early years, service was the primary focus and performed on manufacturers like RCA, Aerotron and Motorola two way radios. Since the early years of Tube type radios, we have either sold or serviced commercial two way radios from Motorola, General Electric, RCA, E F Johnson, Uniden, Icom, Standard, Tait, Vertex, Bendix King, Repco, Comco, Midland, and Nextel.

We Have The Experience You Can Count On

Deltacom has experience with a number of wireless technologies as well.  Some of the most common are Low Band analog, VHF (Very High Frequency) analog and digital, UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Analog and Digital, 800 MHz LTR Trunking, MIRSIden Nextel and more.  DeltaCom helped built one of the largest 800 MHz LTR trunking systems, made by E F Johnson Co., in Michigan with over 3 sites and 26 channels. That system merged with another by PowerFone and ultimately Nextel.