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Fleet Management


DeltaCom has experience in Fleet Management systems like those made by Trimble and Garmin and employ several sensors around construction vehicles, like a cement Mixer, where these sensors track not only location but water added to drum, direction of drum (load vs unload), water clean up, geo fencing and more.  PTOs on Gravel trains and Tow trucks can instantly trigger events or alerts to advise and alert dispatchers of vehicle operations.

The Demand For Driver Safety

With the extensive use of Cell Phones today, driver safety had been a serious issue.  Many Cities and States have enacted stiff fines and penalties for cell phone use in a vehicle under distracted driver laws.  MDOT and or USDOT basically outlines safe communication use as a one touch, eyes stay on the road, device. Holding a Cell phone, smart phone and or touching a keypad is clearly a violation and this makes 2-Way radio the perfect solution.  Battle Creek Michigan enacted a law preventing Cell Phone Use. Chicago also has cell phone laws and frequently on the radio you will hear about Police departments collaborating in Sting operations for distracted driving like on M-59 from Mount Clemens to Highland, MI.  Our radios, like those used by police and fire are a compliant communications medium. Keep your personnel and equipment safe by using the fastest and safest way to communicate to one or many with Kenwood 2 Way Radios.