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Wide Area Radio Coverage


DeltaCom also provides repeater service for your wide area radio communication needs.  DeltaCom's all digital, wide area Kenwood NXDN systems allow your radios almost instant contact to your coworkers with service available across Michigan.  We have grown from 3 sites just a few years ago to access to more than 19 sites, and growing, with the help of our fellow Kenwood Dealers.

Building Advanced Wireless Systems

While Professional two-way radio systems have been DeltaCom’s core business, extensive installation and maintenance experience has been obtained in the BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) and DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems).  As a Technical Partner with Cellular Specialties Inc (CSI) for more than 10 years, DeltaCom acquired a diverse skillset for In Building wireless systems, which allows radios, phones, pagers and more to work just like they do outside in a strong signal environment.  In other words, many radios and phones have problems in buildings or other difficult to cover area like tunnels and alike but a BDA/DAS system can make hard to serve areas work better than if they were outside in a strong signal area. These projects have made DeltaCom familiar with Passive and Active DAS systems employing coax and Fiber Optic based distributed systems by Manufacturers like Corning Mobile Access, Andrew, ADRF, Tyco, ADC, Commscope, CSI and Many more.